• Harald Jessner
    Harald Jessner
    Executive Director AAT Controls GmbH
  • Dr. Gunar Baier
    Dr. Gunar Baier
    CFO AAT Group Profile
  • Roman Kaiser
    Roman Kaiser
    Executive Director AAT Automation GmbH
  • Johan Potargent
    Johan Potargent
    Executive Director AMS Belgium bvba

AAT Group

AAT is a specialist for controls tech­nology with nearly 20 years ex­perience in plant engineering. Our ex­perienced technicians have in­stalled pro­duction and material flow system in the auto­motive sector, their sub­con­tracting firms as well as many other industries worldwide. AAT Automation GmbH, AAT Controls GmbH and AMS Belgium bvba form the AAT group.

  • AAT Automation GmbH

    The main expertise of AAT Auto­mation lies in material flow sys­tems and material hand­ling.

  • AAT Controls GmbH

    AAT Controls has ex­ten­sive know­ledge and ex­perience in body pro­duction, assemb­ly lines and machi­ning cen­ters.

  • AMS Belgium bvba

    The company AMS Belgium bvba is specia­lized in ro­bot and con­trols pro­gramming for the auto­mo­tive pro­duction.