1. System Planning

Due to our long ex­perience with planning and exe­cution of material flow and pro­duction sys­tems, we are able to design con­struction con­cepts, res­pectively specifi­cations, that are specially customized to your require­ments and qualifi­cations of your maintenance and operating personnel.

The following services are available:

  • Planning of complete industrial production controls systems
  • Component selection and adaption of components for the respective application
  • Generating of production specific construction concepts such as controls choice, material requirement lists, installation instructions for control cabinets and fittings.
  • Working out of standardized software structures of PLC systems
  • Generating guidelines for system documentations.
  • Generating of unit-related standard functioning blocks
  • Working out of visualization concepts of production controls and equipment condition checks.
  • Generating of functional specifications and specification sheets.

2. Project Management

For a success­ful project reali­zation, we in­clude the com­plete team in the pro­ject organi­zation. We bene­fit from our long-term inter­national ex­perience in pro­ject work.


Our customers profit world­wide from our pro­fessional order ful­fill­ment in all pro­ject phases:

  • Setting of mile­stones and frame­work
  • Planing of the project struc­ture (pro­cesses, dates, costs, personnel and resources)
  • Exe­cuting and con­trolling
  • Finali­zation, presen­tation and product approval
  • Evaluation and Review

3. Software Development

We generate system soft­ware for process auto­mation, visuali­zation and superior communi­cation for estab­lished sys­tems such as SIEMENS S7, SINUMERIK, Rock­well or, if required, also other auto­mation sys­tems.


For the safety rele­vant con­trol tasks, that are increasingly becoming a part of PLC tasks, we develop closely with the machine builder safe pro­gram struc­tures.


Of course we gladly take over the refitting of older sys­tems.

Our offers in this area:

  • PLC programs
  • CNC processes
  • Visualizations
  • Fault trackings and loggings
  • Computer inter­facing
  • Bus couplings
  • Standard soft­ware develop­ments
  • Frequency con­verters
  • Electronic safety devices
  • Contact­less power supply

4. Hardware Construction

The hard­ware con­struction follows the planning guide­lines of the sys­tem supplier with parti­cular regards to the con­struction instruction and customer specifi­cations.

For the hard­ware docu­men­tation we use CAD/CAE sys­tems with EPLAN and AutoCAD.

Our port­folio for the hard­ware con­struction:

  • Concept develop­ment
  • Wiring dia­grams
  • Assembly dia­grams
  • Termi­nal dia­grams
  • Installation plans
  • Connection plans
  • Parts lists
  • Spare­parts lists
  • Manuals
  • Process and equip­ment descriptions
  • Set-up of speci­fication sheet

5. Electric Installation, Site Management

All require­ments for elec­tric installation, inclu­ding site manage­ment, are part of our port­folio, which we exe­cute together with our quali­fied net­work partners, especially:

  • Professional cabling and installations up to 1000V
  • Power-, control-, bus- and network wiring
  • Wiring of machines and conveying systems
  • Complete system labeling according to customer wishes
  • Material procurement according to requirements
  • Site management and coordination

6. Control Cabinet Construction

With our experienced and quali­fied employees and partners from our net­work, we can achieve the follow­ing for con­trol cabi­net con­struction:

  • Installation and wiring of single and multiple en­closures, HMI en­closures, termi­nal boxes, etc.
  • Com­plete or partial material procure­ment
  • Pro­duction and testing according to the required standards, regu­lations and customer speci­fi­cations

7. Robot Programming

In cooperation with AMS, a quali­fied partner from our group, we offer for all estab­lished robot types the com­­­plete spec­­­trum of robot tech­­­no­­logy like hand­­­ling, wel­­ding and gluing appli­­­cation, etc.

Our portfolio:

  • Establish­­ment of standards
  • Offline pro­­­gramming, Siemens PLM Process Simulate and virtual commissioning
  • Online pro­gramming,
  • Process optimi­­­zation
  • 3D coordi­­­nation measure­­­ment with laser Tracker LEICA AT402
  • Inte­gration in the res­­pec­­­tive con­­­trols sys­tem
  • Training and instruction of maintenance and operator
  • Pro­­gramming and optimi­­zation of wel­­ding current con­­trols
  • Technical support of the pro­­duction plant until the serial pro­­duction

8. Commissioning and Service

Our experienced team of engi­neers and tech­nicians supports you or if necessary con­ducts the commission of machines and sys­tems until appro­val.

Following activities are offered on site:


  • Electrical checkup and commissioning of hard and soft­ware
  • Optimi­zation of controls pro­cesses or pro­cesses
  • Instruction and training
  • Support at hand­over to opera­tor / final customer

Service portfolio

  • Electric con­versions
  • Moderni­zation of machines and sys­tems
  • Prob­lem analy­sis and solution con­cepts
  • Program changes
  • Extenstions
  • Retro­fitting
  • Pro­duction support
  • Profi­bus measure­ments and -logging