Business Fields

AAT Controls KarosseriebauHardly any production and logistic organization can work without material transport and automated material handling. We deliver and mount for these systems complete professional controls and energy technology.

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AAT Controls KarosseriebauBe it for single assembly sections or complete body shell work – AAT delivers the complete controls tech­nology and commissioning.

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We deliver the com­plete controls tech­nology in­cluding commissio­ning of assembly units as well as fully auto­mated assembly lines.

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Our program com­prises the con­trols tech­nology and commissioning of uni­versal pro­cessing centers up to flexible assembly sys­tems.

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System Know-how


Due to our long ex­perience with planning and exe­cution, we are able to design con­struction con­cepts, res­pectively specifi­cations that are specially customized to your require­ments. [ ... ]

Our customers profit world­wide from our pro­fessional order ful­fill­ment in all pro­ject phases. [ ... ]

We generate system soft­ware for process auto­mation, visuali­zation and superior communi­cation. [ ... ]

The hard­ware con­struction follows the planning guide­lines of the sys­tem supplier with parti­cular regards to the con­struction instruction and customer specifi­cations. [ ... ]

All require­ments for elec­tric installation, inclu­ding site manage­ment, are part of our port­folio, which we exe­cute together with our quali­fied net­work partners. [ ... ]

With our experienced and quali­fied employees and partners from our net­work, we can achieve the follow­ing for con­trol cabi­net con­struction: [ ... ]

In cooperation with AMS, a quali­fied partner from our group, we offer for all estab­lished robot types the com­­­plete spec­­­trum of robot tech­­­no­­logy. [ ... ]

Our experienced team of engi­neers and tech­nicians supports you or if necessary con­ducts the commission of machines and sys­tems until appro­val. [ ... ]